13 Mar 2017

Bangalore to Mysore @ Rs. 60

Did you know that the cheapest way to travel between Bangalore and Mysore is by train? The train fares between these two cities are Rs. 60. We travelled in Rajyarani Express and Mayiladutura (Thanjavur) Express between these two cities.
Bangalore Railway Station
Bangalore Central Railway Station

After Namma Metro rail became operative in the Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna railway station (Central Railway Station), travelling within the city where metro rail facilities are available has become dead cheap.

5 Mar 2017

Bangalore Palace March 2017

Here is some mobile photographs of Bangalore Palace. It is been many years since I visited this sprawling location. It looks like many developments have happened for some time now.
Bangalore Palace
Bangalore Palace, Bengaluru
The summer holidays have not yet started, so the crowd was fewer. There was no issues with parking as well. I parked my motorcycle without the security telling me where to park. I mean, there is ample space for parking for any type of vehicles.

26 Feb 2017

Tipu Sultan’s Death Place

This is the place in Srirangapatna where the British army found Tipu Sultan martyred. 

Tipu Sultan Death Place
Tipu Sultan's Death Place - Srirangapatna, Karnataka State

During the month of May 1799, few astrologers advised Tipu Sultan that the day was inauspicious for him. Tipu inspected the fort, bathed and made offerings of money and cloths to the poor. He offered gifts and elephants to the priest and distributed a bag of oilseeds, oxen and money to some Brahmins.

25 Feb 2017

Tipu Sultan’s Armoury - Photographs

Here is some photographs of Tipu Sultan’s armoury near Srirangapatna Railway Station. It looks like the armoury will see its new location in couple of days to make way for the new railway track. It seems to be a long pending project finally progressed.

Shifting of Tipu Sultan Armoury  

Tipu Sultan's armoury being shifted

The project site is a restricted area now and the security will not allow outsiders inside the project area. I captured the photographs via tiny hole from outside the compound. Thanks to a passer-by who advised me to photograph this way.

21 Feb 2017

Shifting of Tipu Sultan’s Armoury

If you are re-visiting Srirangapatna and do not see Tipu Sultan’s armoury near the railway station, be surprised because you will find it 100 metres away from its actual location.

Say thanks to (or blame) the railway track doubling between Mysuru and Bengaluru that is already complete except for the 1.7 km stretch near the armoury. Once the experts move the armory little farther, the railway authorities will connect the pending track. This will speed up the train journey time between Mysuru and Bengaluru by 10-15 minutes.